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Let’s hear it for the boys!

Let’s hear it for the boys!

Top tips for buying occasion wear for the special little boys in your life. 

Weddings? Communions? Special parties? Deciding what you’re going to wear can be stressful enough, without having to worry about what your little boy will wear. And then you have to decide what to choose, make sure it all looks good and guarantee that your little one will put it on and keep it on throughout the day!

 Boys Occassion & Communion Wear

Well, here at Bumble and Bee Kids Boutique, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we have just launched a beautiful collection of boys occasion wear, that will take away the stress, help your little boy stand out from the rest and make sure he looks his best! To help you with the whole process, we have decided to give you some top tips, to help you make the best occasion wear decisions for you and your little boy.



If it’s a communion day followed by a party, a wedding ceremony paired with some dancing or a birthday party with a bouncy castle to finish off the evening, it’s crucial your little boy is comfortable! It’s important when choosing your little boy's outfit that you consider the activities they’ll be doing, ensure the fit is just perfect and make sure that they’re wearing shoes that keep their toes nice and comfortable. This is so important for the happiness of our little ones, but also important to keep the day as stress free as possible! The comfort of your child’s clothes should be the last thing you’re thinking about when celebrating, so make sure you get it right.

 Boys Occasional Wear



Here at Bumble and Bee, we always try our best to keep our collections fully stocked. However, when it comes to busy times of the year (for example, communion time!) there’s no guarantee that every item will be available when you’re scrambling for the perfect outfit last minute! We hate to see our customers disappointed when they’re unable to get the outfit of their dreams! So make sure you shop early to ensure your little boy is dressed to perfection.




When it comes to making decisions about what your child will wear for their big day, remember to ask them what they think and what they want. Children have incredible minds with tonnes of creativity, and their input is important when it comes to what they wear. Now of course, this is all within reason. It’s totally fine to explain to your little boy that the spiderman costume may have to wait until after the communion ceremony! But a little bit of negotiation can go a long way.

 Boys Occasional Wear


Go for something different! Stand out from the crowd! Express your child’s individuality! At Bumble and Bee, we’re passionate about childrenswear that stands out from the rest and makes a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to choose the clothes you REALLY want to. Make the brave decision and go for something that will make your little boy truly shine on their big day. When shopping with Bumble and Bee, we’ll always make sure your kids are looking great, so go for it, and if you need advice, we’re always here to help.

Boys Occasional Wear 



Last but not least, make sure you and your little boy have fun! Shopping for clothes may not be your little boy's favourite pastime, but if you find some ways to make it fun, the process can be as quick and painless as possible! Have fun trying on different styles, make sure the process remains lighthearted and maybe a sneaky promise of an ice cream afterwards would do the trick for a smooth operation!

 Boys Occasional Wear

So there you have it! Some simple tips and tricks to help your boys occasion wear shopping trip as enjoyable as possible. We couldn’t be more excited to share our new collection with you, and cannot wait to see you instore and online.


Don’t forget to tag us on social media @bumbleandbeekidsboutique on your special day, and show us some of the gorgeous pieces you have picked up!

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